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Me and Motilo do a Dinner for Jonathan Saunders

15/01/2013, Fast + Louche

New York in January is a magical time. Sure, it’s freezing and there’s a certain post holiday melange. But it’s also a pretty dead time when there isn’t too much going on, socially speaking. No obligatory work get togethers or boring store parties. Maybe that’s why the dinner I did for my friend, the London designer Jonathan Saunders, and the website turned out to be so much fun. It was unnecessarily and unplanned festivities. Everyone was, well, they were up for it, especially my St. Louis sister Karlie Kloss and my partner in crime Cara Delevingne. (Though, I should ask: When isn’t Cara up for it?) We had cocktails and dinner at the Lion, and then on a whim traipsed over to the Meatpacking District where — as the Manhattan nightlife gods would have it — the ice rink at the Standard Hotel was still open. Leigh Lezark and Harley Viera Newton were spotted stars on ice, and I discovered that despite suffering weak ankles as a child, I’m not bad on thin ice. When that closed, luckily before anyone got seriously harmed, we headed upstairs to the Top of the Standard for a nightcap. And, apparently, some good times with Taylor Tomasi’s crutches.

Captions, from the top: Stars on ice: Leigh, me, Cara, Jonny, Harley and Fiona Byrne at the Standard Ice Rink; Jonny, Cara (wearing what turned out to be a very popular ‘Ain’t No Wifey’ stocking cap ) and me in the back of a cab; funny faces with the youngest Delevingne; Harley and Leigh at the dinner table; Maggie Betts and V’s Sarah Cristobal; VF’s Jessica Diehl and WSJ’s Kristina O’Neill; Taylor and Hayley Bloomingdale keeping Cara behind glass; Karlie and me; Cara and Jonny; Leigh and Harley on ice; Jonny abusing a temporarily handicapped Taylor (it ended as one of those kinds of nights)

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Derek Blasberg for Opening Ceremony stationery: A Tutorial VIDEO and a Tea Party

09/01/2013, Fast + Louche, General

As anyone who has ever invited me to dinner, let me stay at their house, or spoiled me with a particularly thoughtful persent will tell you: I love a handwritten note. And not just a thank you note. I’ll send birthday cards and congratulations notes and love letters and anything else that involve a paper and pen when the mood strikes me. I still send postcards. When I’m bored and in a hotel room I’ll send a doodle from the complimentary stationery. But I know I’m in the minority here. That’s what inspired me to do the Derek Blasberg for Opening Ceremony stationery line. Now, all my friends who say they should send more letters but don’t have the time don’t have an excuse. This is the easiest, most fun, most rewarding way to send a thoughtful, handwritten personal letter. HOW EASY IS IT? I put together the above video with the fine folks at Opening Ceremony to show off just how simple and sweet it is to send one of my form letters. The recipient here is Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge who just got knocked up with the next generation of Brit royals.


Speaking of my stationery line, before the holidays I did a little tea party at the infamous St Regis Hotel in New York to celebrate its debut. Now, throwing a midday champagne-fueled tea party the week before Christmas in midtown New York wasn’t probably the easiest fete I’ve put together. But I was more than pleased with the turnout: All of my Classy-iest girlfriends, including the girl on the cover of my books, Byrdie Bell, all turned out for the fete, as did a few of my favorite gentlemen. Shout out to Giancarlo Giammetti who moved around his departure to Rome to swing by looking suave.

This was no ordinary cocktail party, either. Meaning that everyone was encouraged to not only nibble on adorable tea sandwiches and shotgun a few champagne punches, but also actually send the letters. Cynthia Rowley sent Alexa Chung a love note; Jessica Hart sent me a thank you note; Katie Lee and Elettra Weidemann sent letters to their Mom’s; Jamie Tisch and Samantha Boardman took home extra pieces of stationery to give their kids. That’s right, it’s good for kids too! (Go to the Opening Ceremony website now to buy the stationery for yourself, your kids or a loved one.) And in the meantime, check out some shots from the St Regis.

Captions, from top: Alexa, Cynthia and me in front of the punch bowls, where we spent much of the evening; Hilary writing a note to her Mum; Constance and Trish; Su and Olivia from Opening Ceremony, the two girls who were really responsible for executing my vision in the most amazing way; RJ at the desk; Katie Lee and Elettra; David Smith, my most handsome friend; Harley being a good girl; Giancarlo and Petey; Alexa is a man magnet, with Jordan, RJ, me and Dorian; fashion icons Stephen Gan and Carlyne Cerf; Harry and Petey; Luisa, the guest of honor; a very stiff party patron; Leigh, Albert, Alexa, me and RJ feeling a little party fatigued after the festivities.

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A Very Sunny Start To 2013

07/01/2013, Fast + Louche

St Barth’s is the tiny island, only about six miles wide, in the Caribbean that has become quite the holiday hotspot. It was formerly a French colony, which means it’s full of beautiful, wonderfully snooty people and lots of delicious buttery carbohydrates to feast upon. Around New Year’s, big boats drop anchors around the port and swanky pads with beach views open their doors to a slew of holiday parties. Some say it can be an intense experience — I liken it to the Upper East Side on amphetamines — but since I spend the first part of the holidays in a rather slow paced Midwestern pattern with my family in Missouri for Christmas, I’ve come to crave the excitement. In fact, this is the fourth time I’ve found myself down there to ring in another fun filled year.

The cast of characters isn’t too dissimilar to those I see in other parts of the world. The Brant boys (including the illusive Dylan, who joined Peter and Harry) are always a welcomed spitting to see at any party, as was their mum Stephanie Seymour this year, and friends like Olympia Scarry, Elisa Sednaoui and Elisabeth von Thurn and Taxis made the pilgrimage too. Dasha Zhukova, a very lovely lady who introduced me to the island, is the girl to know down there. I bunked with my St. Louis sister Karlie Kloss on Gouverneur Beach with some friends; we had a truly jovial time in no small part because girlfriend knows how to cook. Samantha Boardman led us on morning hikes through the cliffs and foliage of Colombier beach, and Marjorie Gubelmann and Rachel Zoe would meet us on Flamands Beach for rehydration and sun damage afterward. There were boat rides and dips in pools and long lunches with fresh fish. And, this being a former French colony and all, there was also a fair amount of Eurotrash, which I love, at clubs that had novelty pillows that said things like I Heart My Yacht. And no, I’m not talking about Puff Daddy’s, though we did end up on his yacht at a New Year’s after after party and he definitely did love his yacht.

But, as always, what’s most important when it comes to any vacation is that you’re with people that you love. While I’ve never made New Year’s resolutions (actually, last year at this time I made a list of Non-Resolutions, things I hadn’t ever done, which you can read here), I do believe that the head space and the people with whom you start a year will set the tone for the rest of it. That’s why I’m happy to report that after a too-short stay in a Caribbean paradise, I’m ready to sink into a fabulous 2013. Happy New Year!

Captions, from top:

The view from a morning hike around Colombier Beach; a sandy crew on a last dip in 2012, composed of Josh, Karlie, Elisa, Alex, me, Olympia, Dasha and Neville; the Brant boys in all their beauty, Dylan, Harry and Peter; the Caribbean sun setting on boats in port; Alex and Elisa; Constance spreading peace around Flamands beach; this picture of Guy Oseary, Rick Rubin and Brian Grazer, taken on Puffy’s yacht, may be my favorite from New Year’s Eve; Lizzy after midnight; Dasha, my queen of the island; Edward Sharp from the Magnetic Zero’s; Mr Pigozzi and Anna; Puffy on the mic; Rachel, Samantha and Marjorie at Dasha’s party; a four legged, hard shelled friend I met on a morning hike; Josh getting carried away with a view; Elisa, Dasha and Alex on a submarine expedition; me with not one, but two Stephanie Seymour’s, both on my chest; an offensive pillow; sails in the sky; Neville on Olympia showing me up on the paddleboards; my favorite ladies on the island, Lizzy, Elisa, Dasha, Karlie, Olympia and Wendi; Karlie as my New Year’s kiss; and a heartfelt farewell on our last day at the beach.


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Mr Blasberg’s Best of 2012: A Year in Review and Appreciation

25/12/2012, From Elsewhere, Observations

This week, my colleagues at Harper’s Bazaar charged me with a special request when it came to my Mr. Blasberg’s Best Dressed: Pick the 20 most important moments in Pop culture, and the influence they had on the fashion industry. So, no big deal or anything. After combing through a year’s worth of best dressed lists, blog posts and even a quick trip through my own iPhoto, I did it. For the full list and the explanations for each, you’ll have to check out the Bazaar website. (READ THE ENTIRE LIST WITH EXTENDED CAPTIONS HERE) But here are my top 20 moments, which are, for the record, in no particular order:

1. Madonna at the Super Bowl: The first high fashion moment of the year, when Givenchy and Phillip Treacy collided in a gilded couture explosion. (Read my Super Bowl diary here.)

2. Brad Pitt in the Chanel No. 5 ads: Surprising, a little silly, but ultimately they worked.

3. Carine Roifteld’s smoky eye le Bal in Paris: A party that got so hot someone grabbed a fire extinguisher and sprayed the crowd. (And then got their ass beat.)

4. Adele: Momma cleaned up this year.

5. Designer shuffle: OK, stay with me: Raf Simons took John Galliano’s old job at Dior; Hedi Slimane took Stefani Pilati’s gig at Yves Saint Laurent, which is now known as just Saint Laurent; Nicolas Ghesquiere left Balanciaga, and Alexander Wang is filling in for him; Christopher Kane quit versus and Jonathan Anderson is taking that gig. (For the record, Galliano is still unemployed, Pilati went to Zegna, and we’re waiting to see what Ghesquiere and Kane do with their eponymous brands.) Phew.

6. Men’s fashion weekend in London: The British capital got its own mens fashion week, and I was there, of course. 

7. Azealia Banks: This foul mouthed little angel made the rounds this year, but I was there way back in January when she first performed at Karl Lagerfeld’s house. (Watch the video!)

8. Speaking of Karl Lagerfeld: Chanel brought me all over the world this year, from Las Vegas to Versailles to the castle where Mary Queen of Scots was born.

9. John Waters at the CFDA: The world’s driest, funniest, most wonderful independent director made an undeniable impression at this year’s CFDA Awards. I blogged about his greatest quips here. 

10. Mario Testino’s opening in Boston: The famed fashion photographer showed Massachusetts what glamour looked like, and he brought some supermodel friends with him. And me too. And I brought my camera. 

11. Michael Kors and God’s Love We Deliver: In a very touching moment, the fashion designer gave $5million to the New York based charity .

12. Cara Delevingne: I watched this little girl, who I’ve known for years, turn from goofy to glamorous in 2012, clocking in a Chanel campaign and winning the British Fashion Award for Model of the Year along the way.

13. Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama: The polkadot, my favorite print, reigned supreme in Kusama’s collaboration with the French fashion house.

14. Hurricane Sandy: It was a humbling, heartwarming and hilarious week. 

15. Choupette: It was an important year for cat lovers, not only because Karl Lagerfeld got one of his own (who has two maids), but also because I spent a whole day high as a kite on antihistamines to film this video about holiday etiquette with the fury little felines. And watch THE BLOOPERS reel here. 

16. HBO’s Girls: I was late on the game on this one, but the genius of Lena Dunham finally captivated me.

17. Rooney Mara: I love a goth girl, and, with the help of Riccardo Tisci, this one had a stand out 2012.

18. Obama back in office: The fashion industry’s favorite Democrat, Barack, is back in office. (Did you read my Christmas card to the president, written on Derek Blasberg for Opening Ceremony stationery? Check it out here, along with a few other fabulous handwritten notes.)

19. Karlie Kloss: My St. Louis sister had a spectacular year, racking up campaigns, bringing back House of Style with my other runway favorite Joan Smalls, starring in that memorable Neiman Marcus x Target campaign, and introducing something as sweet as she is — Karlie’s Kookies!

20. The supermodels at the Olympics: I love anything that puts fashion on center stage, and it was hard to forget the image of the faces of British fashion (Naomi, Kate, Lily, Karen, Jourdan and more) pounding down a stadium runway at the Olympics closing ceremonies in London. I still have it on my Tivo.


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Hittin’ up ‘Club Chrissie’ with Nicky, Andre, Cory and a Papier-Mâché’ed Pigeon

23/12/2012, Fast + Louche

Back in the day, when we were all heathens in our early 20s trying to find ourselves in the booze-fueled world of downtown New York, a place many of us would end up was Club Chrissie. In a documentary about this venue, which was technically Chrissie Miller’s apartment on Second Avenue, I referred to it as, “The den of cigarette smoke and bad decision making.” We’re all older now, and while whether or not we’ve found each other is up for grabs we are still very nostalgic about the life bonding experiences that went down at Club Chrissie. (Fun fact: When Chrissie moved out to be with her wonderful boyfriend, the artist Leo Fitzpatrick, members of the band The Virgins moved in.) So was Chrissie herself, apparently. She recently launched a webisode series of the same name on Pharrell’s web station, I Am Other, and has since welcomed guests like Drea de Matteo, Charlotte Ronson, Pamela Love, Mickey Boardman, her mother Susan Miller and Pharrell himself. But for her most recent episode, which is appropriately enough a holiday episode, she had me over and our buddy Nicky Hilton. We made some holiday greeting cards inspired by Instagram, talked about Nicky’s favorite app Trendabl, and then did some of my own Derek Blasberg for Opening Ceremony holiday cards. We then had a surprise cameo from French Andre and Cory Kennedy. Not a bad night for Club Chrissie.

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The World’s Easiest Personal Note: Derek Blasberg for Opening Ceremony Stationery

21/12/2012, From Elsewhere

My love affair with stationery isn’t newfound. Even when I was a child, it was common for me to turn around thank you notes for Christmas and birthday presents within 24 hours. (Though, full disclosure: in the beginning, that was under distress. My mother wouldn’t let me play with said presents until I had written my gratitude. But it stuck.) Today, I’m the kind of the handwritten letter. I collection stationery almost on a hoarders level, and I’m probably one of the few people who still send postcards when traveling, even during fashion week. And lets not forget that in my books ‘Classy’ and ‘Very Classy,’ I preached endlessly that touching personal correspondence was the true hallmark of a lady.

So it’s with a real sense of pride that I can announce the Derek Blasberg for Opening Ceremony stationery line. The idea is pretty simple: I have provided an easy (and dare I say extremely entertaining) form letter that anyone can personalize and dash off for a very memorable, endearing effect. With amusing fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice options, t’s fun for both the sender and the recipient. Don’t believe me? Well, the charming Irish lass Fiona Byrne of the fabulous and fashionable blog The Byrne Notice and the idea to ask a few of our mutual friends to complete the stationery. Here’s what we came up with: Alexa Chung sending a love note to Santa Claus, Nate Lowman sending a thinking of you note to Death, Carlos Quirarte sending a thank you note to his friend Wes, Jessica Hart sending a baby letter to her friend Kirsten, Harley Viera Newton sending a holiday letter to her partner in crime Cassie Coane, Chrissie Miller sending a romantical note to her boyfriend Leo Fitzpatrick, and Cory Kennedy writing an anniversary card to some feline friends. (I think. Cory is a little weird.) For the sake of amusement, I jumped on the bandwagon too, sending a holiday note to Barack Obama and a baby letter to Kate Middleton. The White House and Buckingham Palace are the only addresses I know off the top of my head.

For more on the stationery, check out the Opening Ceremony site. The sets are available at Opening Ceremony stores, but if you can’t wait you can order them online RIGHT NOW. (Yes, please!)

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A Candid Conversation With The Impossibly Beautiful Candice

18/12/2012, From Elsewhere

This was one of my favorite articles of 2012 because it combined two of my favorite things: Candice Swanepoel, the impossibly sexy and sweet stunner from South Africa, and the fine folks at 10 magazine. I’ve been a fan of 10 since I was still at university, when they took a chance on a young writer who would beg for stories and free drinks, and give me my first commissions. (Love you, Antony!) So when they asked if I wanted to interview Candice for the cover of their Brazilian issue, I said yes in a New York minute. It was a good chat too: Candice is a Brazilian convert, and she likes to talk about beaches, Bahia, boys and beers. Now that’s my kind of girl. Read our entire interview below.


DEREK BLASBERG: “It’s the Brazilian issue, Candice, so let’s start there. When was the first time you went to this place you love so much?”

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “I was 17 years old, and my first memories were the freedom, the energy in the people and in the culture. I went with my boyfriend. We had started dating a few months before, and he had come with me to South Africa to meet my parents, and then we went to Brazil to meet his family. They have a good idea of what life is about.”

DEREK BLASBERG: “You preferred that to New York?”

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “In New York, we base people on what they do, how much money they have. No one knows anything about the fashion industry in Brazil. They don’t care what you do. They just want the beach and the sun and the fun. I feel the freest and the happiest there. There, I can just be the normal Candice.”

DEREK BLASBERG: “What part of Brazil do you like?”

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “The north. Bahia. It’s the African part of Brazil, which reminds me a bit of home. I was very sexual at a young age, and in a conservative place like South Africa it was difficult to be in tune with that side of myself. But Brazil brings out the real me. There’s a raw sexual energy there that’s intoxicating.”

DEREK BLASBERG: “I’m sure they like you down there.”

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “They do, but I made an effort to learn the language and embrace the culture. I didn’t want to be a tourist.”

DEREK BLASBERG: “I was happy to talk to you today because, conveniently, I’m going to Brazil next week. Give me Candice’s tips for not being a tourist.”

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “Rent a car and go on a road trip. Lose yourself. There are so many little beach towns. Stay in a bed and breakfast. Have an adventure. Meet new people and let them take you to this place, and then meet more people and go to that place. Be a gypsy.”

DEREK BLASBERG: “When did you first come to New York? Why did you move here?”

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “The first time was when I was 17. But a little while later, when I was working in Paris, I was about to give up modelling and move back home. Victoria’s Secret had asked to see me, so my agent told me that I should come to New York, meet them, and if they signed me up I’d move. And if they didn’t sign me, I was going to go back to South Africa.”

DEREK BLASBERG: “Back to the dairy farm?”

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “Yes, Derek. I grew up on a dairy farm. I did! Dairy and beef and forest and plantations. I don’t think my parents would have ever imagined I would go so far off the rails. In the beginning they were the ones who encouraged me to keep modelling because there weren’t many opportunities in South Africa for young people. But if I was ever homesick and wanted to come home, my mom was always strong and said I should stick it out.”

DEREK BLASBERG: “That’s sweet and so supportive. I would think most parents would want their little girl back.”

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “They were very unselfish in that way. They probably didn’t think I was going to meet a Brazilian beach boy and want to move there, though.”

DEREK BLASBERG: “Have your parents been to Brazil?”

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “Not yet, but I’m taking them to Carnival next year. So they’re going to really see what that country can do.”

DEREK BLASBERG: “Do they still live in South Africa?”

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “Yeah, but they sold the farm. Because of the political and safety issues, they had to let it go. They sold it while I was away, which is one of the reasons I was happy to find a new place to be a savage. Now they live near Cape Town and they’re tour guides. I don’t go home that often.”

DEREK BLASBERG: “Candice! They must miss you.”

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “I know. I’m terrible. You’re making me feel guilty. But we don’t get a lot of time off, and South Africa is so far away. They’ve come to visit me. I need to go there more often, but in a way it hurts. What I had on the farm I could never find anywhere else, ever again.”

DEREK BLASBERG: “When I think of a farm girl, I think of animals running around and you wearing overalls with pigtails in your hair, milking cows.”

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “Yes, it’s all that, but mixed with the Zulu culture. It’s hard to explain that time in South Africa, with the apartheid and the way that the culture changed, the way that our home changed. We had a huge farm. I went out with my dad to milk the cows, and my cousins would come for the holidays and it was, in a way, the perfect childhood. It seems like another life when I think about it. When I try to explain it I can never do it justice. It’s one reason I don’t like to talk about it, because it’s something that I can’t describe.”

DEREK BLASBERG: “But you can find that in Brazil now?”

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “In a way, yes, I can tap into that freedom and innocence.”

DEREK BLASBERG: “I want to believe everything you’re saying, but all of my Brazilian friends are crazy.”

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “That’s because those are New York Brazilians, babes. If you go to the simple places, it’s the purest people that you meet. It’s not vicious or jealous or anything like that.”

DEREK BLASBERG: “What’s a day in the life of Candice like? What’s the perfect Brazilian day?”

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “I wake up pretty early. I’m more inspired there than anywhere else, so I want to enjoy the day. The traditional breakfast is bread with cheese and ham and fresh fruit and juices and coffee. We go straight to the beach, and spend the whole day there. Meet friends, have a beer, get a tan. I have Dutch blood, and Dutch South Africans can get really dark. But I always have sunscreen on my face. I do! After the beach, go home take a shower, feel your tan skin and you’re all clean, have lunch. Maybe you have sex. Then you have a snooze because you’re so exhausted from it all. Wake up, see friends and family, have a BBQ. And then you go to bed early.”

DEREK BLASBERG: “Sounds like paradise.”

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “It’s simple: eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired. Life was a little easier back in time, and it still is in Brazil. In Bahia, they don’t know what Twitter is. I want to be a savage. I want to live my life naked, with all my little naked kids naked in the garden.”

DEREK BLASBERG: “Like a place that time forgot?”

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “Exactly. I live in the moment there. I recharge there, feel like a normal person again. My boyfriend’s mom lives in this small town, and time goes so slowly there. I don’t want to be an old woman who lives in New York and the days fly by but you’re not doing anything. I want to feel like I’m enjoying my life.”

DEREK BLASBERG: “I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever find my Brazil, my escape. Can I go with you next time?”

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “Yes, of course. But you have to learn Portuguese – otherwise, they’ll treat you like a gringo. You’ll be taken advantage of.”

DEREK BLASBERG: “Do you speak Portuguese?”


DEREK BLASBERG: “Okay, now I understand. That’s why you’re on the cover of the Brazilian issue – you had to work to be a Brazilian.”

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “It’s true. Other girls were lucky enough just to be born there. But I had to work for it. I had to learn the language, learn the land, and find the Brazilian boyfriend.”

DEREK BLASBERG: “You had to make yourself a Brazilian.”

CANDICE SWANEPOEL: “Know why I learned Portuguese? I wasn’t going to have my boyfriend and his friends talk about girls around me. Oh no, honey, that’s not happening. Nothing gets past me now.”

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THE BLOOPERS: Why I’ll Never Work With These Pussies Again

13/12/2012, General

You know the saying, “Never work with animals or children”? Well, I can now speak to half of that statement, and I completely agree with it. I thought I had actress friends who could be hard to deal with, but they couldn’t hold a candle to the feline divas I worked with when I did my holiday etiquette video with these cats. (Did you see that video? It was called Eti-cat, and it was pretty genius, if I can say so myself.) Included in this video are the moments when I was upstaged by Classy Cat and Messy Kitty, a minor Tourette’s outbreak, and a few annoyingly adorable shots of these guys being adorably annoying.

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Putting The Vices Back In Miami: A Diary From The Art Basel Fair

11/12/2012, Fast + Louche

I knew that coming from Edinburgh, Scotland, where I had just taken in Karl Lagerfeld’s sensational Mary Queen of Scots-inspired Chanel show, and going to Miami for the Art Basel festivities would be a shock. Trading in tarts wearing tartans for Miami mami’s in tube dresses. Going from the bone-deep chills of Northern Scotland to the sandy shores of Southern Florida. Which isn’t to say anything for the culture shock that is the Miami Art Basel festivities themselves. For example, this year I took the Pavan party bus with Paris and Nicky Hilton to the largest fair in Miami, and walking around the Picasso’s and Richard Prince’s with those two was like an exercise in Pop art itself. In addition to the fairs — the official Art Basel fair is huge, almost intimidatingly so; NADA this year was great, but I preferred the SCOPE space — the festivities that surround these few days in Miami are fun, yet exhausting. Every night there is something, many things actually, and everyone is up for anything. I went to sophisticated dinners and techno clubs with artists, designers, random socialites and visiting celebrities. I even played in a soccer tournament, which the boys from Le Baron put on with the Havaianas flip flops people. Here are some of my shots from my art filled and festive few days in Miami.


CAPTIONS, STARTING FROM TOP: Demi, Stacy and me at the Gale; the legendary Diane von Furstenberg at a lunch she hosted on the beach at the Soho Beach House; Cecilia and Riccardo at the SLS hotel; a sensational Karolina Kurkova and the Miami skyline at the Moncler 60th anniversary dinner; fashion people: Roland Mouret, Vera Wang and Vogue’s Hamish Bowles at a dinner at The Dutch in the W; Bianca with the most handsome violinist that ever existed, Charlie Siem; behold, the Missouri mafia: Jenne, me and Karlie at a Chanel dinner at the Soho Beach House; Stephen Dorff and Giambattista; a lovely day at the beach interrupted by a swarm of pigeons attacking an unguarded cheeseburger; We are the champions: Alex, Patrick, me, Oliver and Etienne, who won the Havaianas beach soccer tournament; Stacy, me and a beer bucket; The Sartorialist and Garance; Harley at the Pavan party at the Soho Beach House; Nicky glossing up at the Pavan lunch; Stav and Jess; Paris, River and me; Bob and Samantha at the Wall; Wendi and Xin at the cocktail party; Bianca on the beach; Petey and Harry traveling in style; Dasha and Demi with a cute little kitty at the dinner at the Soho Beach House; me and my comedy crush, Chelsea Handler

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My Holiday Gift Guide (Basically: What I Want For Christmas)

10/12/2012, General

This post was conceived after countless requests from my mother about what to get me for Christmas. (She was never one for the element of surprise in gift giving. Some years, she didn’t even wrap presents. Too much pomp and circumstance.) At any rate, after being harassed by her and even my brother for gift ideas, I threw a few ideas together and created my first ever Gift Guide. Between bikes and pillows and some of my favorite things from Club Monaco, there’s a little something from everyone. So, Mom, now you have no excuse this year.