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23/12/2013, Fast + Louche, From Elsewhere, Very Classy

Last year, I teamed up with my friends Classy Cat and Drunk Pussy to help illustrate holiday etiquette. Not much has changed since then: The holidays are still a time of merriment, etiquette is still important, and cats still rule the internet. So, without further ado, behold ‘The Eticats.’ (And for more, scroll down to see some hilarious bloopers and outtakes.)

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

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Be A Classy Cat This Christmas! (Not a Drunk Pussy)

29/11/2012, Fast + Louche, Very Classy

First, a confession: I am allergic to cats. They make my throat itch (ironically, as if I had a hairball) and my skin break out into hives. But the idea of doing a holiday etiquette video with felines was just too great a temptation. The pun ‘etti-cat’ was just too good to pass up. So on a recent grey day in New York, I trekked it to Brooklyn to film this video with Rightway (the one with spots) and Cutie Patootie (the one with those big baby blues). Turns out holiday-themed videos with adorable four-legged creatures can be an emotional journey. While I started trying to promote the cause of the Classy Cat (and yes, that’s a reference to my book, Very Classy), I found myself seduced by the Messy Kitty. She was just too adorable. And let’s be honest: Sometimes the Drunk Pussy can be fun. As long as it’s not you. Besides, every party needs one!

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Leigh and I Love Vancouver Very Much

29/02/2012, Fast + Louche, Very Classy

Yes, the Very Classy book tour continues. After stops all over the great US of A, I took my Very Classy mission North. Specifically, me and my partner in crime Leigh Lezark headed up to Vancouver. It was a quick trip, but it was well worth it: In our 48 or so hours of Candaian adventure we did an informative driving tour of the city, a picturesque gondola ride up to Grouse Mountain, and a terrifying skip through the Capilano suspension bridge in a national park. And oh yeah, we headed to the Hudson Bay Company (the oldest retail post in North America) for a swanky cocktail party in my honor at The Room. Above is a video of our hijinks, and below are some of my favorite pictures of our fleeting moments with our Northern neighbors. We loved you, Vancouver.

A broody shot of my beloved jacket overlooking the harbor:

Leigh getting extremely involved at my book party at The Room:

The view from the top of Grouse Mountain:

The view from below the canopy at the base of the Capilano Suspension Bridge:

Some fabulous (and just a little narcissistic) decorations at The Room:

Leigh on the bridge:

Hanging out (and terrifying myself) on the suspension bridge:

The beautiful Canadian sunset:

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Quote of the Day

28/01/2012, Very Classy

“A lady looks presentable at an airport”

Very Classy Pg. 142

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Quote of the Day

27/01/2012, Very Classy

“A lady tries to keep as many people on her good side as she can, even if they’re bad people.”

Very Classy Pg. 168

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Quote of the Day

26/01/2012, Very Classy

“A lady is not glutinous with her wardrobe.”

Very Classy Pg. 22

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Quote of the Day

24/01/2012, Very Classy

“A lady knows the importance of nice stationery.”

Very Classy Pg. 52

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Quote of the Day

23/01/2012, Very Classy

“A lady never points out that someone has not eaten a meal she has prepared, even if she’s furious.”

Very Classy Pg. 98

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Quote of the Day

20/01/2012, Very Classy

“A lady doesn’t whine or talk in a baby voice outside of a nursery, or a bedroom if she’s desperate.”

Very Classy Pg. 68

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Quote of the Day

19/01/2012, Very Classy

“Let’s get one thing straight right now: An exposed thong is not sexy.”

Very Classy Pg. 4