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15/11/2011, Derek of the Day

Jake Davies on the Lido in Venice at a Chanel party on May 14th, 2009. This was taken at a Chanel afterparty, when the only people who were left were a few boys and all of the female models in the show. Jake was spoiled by the odds.

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Quote of the Day

15/11/2011, Very Classy

“A lady chooses her words very wisely when she puts anything on the Internet.”
Very Classy Pg. 174

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Marina and the MOCA

14/11/2011, Fast + Louche

On a windy Saturday night in LA, things got really weird when the MOCA Museum shut down Grand Avenue for their third annual fundraiser. Marina Abromavic was the evening’s artistic curator, and she had a few tricks up her sleeve: She commissioned local performance artists to be human centerpieces with their heads poking out of the dinner tables and staring at us while we ate; she also hired Debbie Harry to perform live; and as her finale, she had lifesize cakes of her and Harry made, which they then hacked into and passed out. It was a surreal event, to say the least. That’s Marina and Debbie checking out their cake’s carnage; and then Gwen Stefani and Dasha Zhukova, my date for the evening; and then Kirsten Dunst sat between Kate and Laura from Rodarte. Click through to see more pictures of the MOCA’s Jeffrey Dietch with Pamela Anderson and David La Chapelle; my favorite teenager Tavi; and two of my favorite LA ladies Lisa Eisner and Jacqui Getty.

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14/11/2011, Derek of the Day

Catherine Keener and Sean Avery at the now closed restaurant Bette on 23rd Street in New York City on March 25th, 2008.

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Quote of the Day

14/11/2011, Very Classy

“A lady knows that narcissistic home décor – which is an overabundance of pictures of herself – is not an enjoyable theme for visitors.”
Very Classy Pg. 128

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13/11/2011, Derek of the Day

My mom and dad outside the Georgia O’Keefe Museum in Sante Fe, New Mexico, on May 24th, 2008. O’Keefe was always one of my mother’s favorite artists, and to this day whenever I see a suggestive orchid painting I think of my wonderful Mommy.

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Quote of the Day

13/11/2011, Very Classy

“A lady can be kissed on the hand, but she must act like it’s ridiculous. Because it is.”
Very Classy Pg. 203

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12/11/2011, Derek of the Day

Jessica Stam and Lily Donaldson before a fitting at Louis Vuitton during the Paris collections on October 3rd, 2007.

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Quote of the Day

12/11/2011, Very Classy

“A lady never angles to be in a photo.”
Very Classy Pg. 64

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Mr. Blasberg’s Best Dressed

11/11/2011, From Elsewhere

For this week’s edition of the Mr. Blasberg Best Dressed list, Bazaar asked me to look at the Classy ladies who came to my book launch on Wednesday night. Not to brag, but it was a difficult task to widdle down a list in a room full of such sophisticated women. Ha! So, who made the list? Obviously my lovely hostesses Vera Wang, Tory Burch, Lauren Santo Domingo and Samantha Boardman, and also a few lovely ladies like Hilary Rhoda and Byrdie Bell.
Click here for the full list: