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21/11/2011, Derek of the Day

Alison Mosshart, Karen Elson and Alexa Chung at a dinner at the Ritz Paris on January 18th, 2011.

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The Coolest Kate Around

21/11/2011, From Elsewhere

Last summer, when she and Terry Richardson made a commercial for Mango, Kate Moss let me interview her for Harper’s Bazaar. It was a big deal because Kate has basically built a career on not saying much and being intensely press shy. (Hey, with a face like that, who needs to open their mouth anyway?) I’ve always said it’s sort of a shame that she doesn’t do more interviews because, as anyone who has ever worked with her or spent time with her will agree, she has a wicked sense of humor. She is quick witted and can be quite devilish. Regardless, here is the outtakes from our chat. Just an FYI: I showed up a little tardy to the Ritz, which is where Queen Kate prefers to stay in the French capital, because I couldn’t find a cab. Ah well.

KATE MOSS: Oh, it’s you. I should have known you’d be the one who’s late.
DEREK BLASBERG: I promise it’s not my fault. Have you ever tried to get a cab in Paris? Well, I guess not.
KM: So, have you got your questions?
DB: Yes, yes, I do. First one: how’s Paris?
KM: It’s great, as usual.
DB: How long have you been here?
KM: Just one day. I arrived yesterday, and we’re going to Corsica tomorrow.
DB: I’ve seen you having quite a lot fun here lately.
KM: That’s because I don’t go out in London. I only go out when I’m here.
DB: And you’re always at the Ritz. I think it’s the nicest hotel in Paris, and I’m not just saying that because I’m sitting next to you, Kate.
KM: Mmhmm…

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Congratulations, Chrissie

20/11/2011, Fast + Louche

Chrissie Miller is probably my friend with the most street cred in all of New York City. (Just don’t let Jen Brill hear me say that.) She smokes Winston’s, she talks like a straight up dude, she doesn’t take crap from anyone and last year for Halloween she dressed up as Robin Byrd. If you’re not familiar with the work of Ms. Byrd, free to Google it now to discover the cultural significance, but be warned that it ain’t pretty. The real trick in this town, however, is being able to convince people you’re too cool for school and at the same time take care of business. That’s why I’m so proud of Chrissie: This weekend she opened 143, her first store on the Lower East Side (143 Ludlow, between Stanton & Rivington). It stocks her clothing company, Sophomore, and a bunch of other novelty stuff that only a hoarder like this one could be into. But more importantly, it has comfy cushions and lots of books and a chilled out vibe, sort of like this apartment she used to have on Second Avenue that was basically the unofficial pre-game and after-hours venue for me and a freak crew from 2004 to 2009. We called it the ‘den of bad decision making.’ That’s Chrissie herself in the top photo, followed by Charlotte Ronson and Jen Brill, and then me getting really involved with the table decor with my friend Jessica Stam. Follow the jump to see a picture of Douglas Friedman getting man-handled (by me, obviously), and a shot of Chrissie with her mother Susan Miller, who many of you may know as the woman behind the cult psychic website,


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20/11/2011, Derek of the Day

Cash Blasberg, my brother’s dog, dressed up on Christmas morning on December 25th, 2009.

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Quote of the Day

20/11/2011, Very Classy

“A lady acknowledges that at certain times everyone – even Mariah Carey and me – should be able to put their phones down.”
Very Classy Pg. 58

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19/11/2011, Derek of the Day

Gemma Ward at the Bowery Hotel for her birthday party on November 4th, 2007.

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Quote of the Day

19/11/2011, Very Classy

“A lady is aware of what she’s putting in her body – but she’s not obsessed by it.”
Very Classy Pg. 227

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18/11/2011, Derek of the Day

Jacquetta Wheeler on a safari in central India on October 9th, 2006.

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Mr. Blasberg’s Best Dressed!

18/11/2011, From Elsewhere

This was an easy week to put together my weekly best dressed list. Between the MOCA gala on Saturday, the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund awards on Monday and the MOMA event on Tuesday, the ladies were pulling some major looks. So, who made the cut? I loved Gwen Stefani’s Carven dress and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Stella McCartney mini. To see those girls, as well as Emma Stone, Dasha Zhukova, Amanda Seyfried, Tilda Swinton and more. Click here for the full list:

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Quote of the Day

18/11/2011, Very Classy

“A lady accepts an apology, even if she doesn’t want to. There’s nothing ladylike about holding a grudge.”
Very Classy Pg. 184